Big Data Course in Chennai

Headed for Artificial intelligence, AI need real-time data. To analyse and structure the huge number of data’s. Big data course in chennai at zero2infynite to train the students with expert professionals.

Apache Hadoop is a powerful open source software tool for examining petabytes or terabytes of data. The software in which processing the vast number of unstructured data into a structured one.

HADOOP – High Availability Distributed Object Oriented Platform.

Hadoop framework has extensively used by big companies like amazon, flip kart, twitter, etc…for analysing big data for customers interest to expend their business ideas.

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Big Data course career Chances

The employment growing of big data analytics is categorized into 1. Data scientist 2. Big data analyst and 3.big data developer

A Data Scientist who is ironic in mathematical understanding gather large number of data and analyse into actionable plans for future aspects of companies growth by which the data is provided by big data developer. 

Big data analyst is someone who merely review, analyse and curates the vast number of data into meaningful insights (i.e. useful information) which data stored by organizations.

Big data developer (sounds like software developer) create coding to design, configure and understand performance of huge number of data-sets using custom tools like hadoop.

Eligibility of Big Data Course in Chennai

A big data analyst who is rich in mathematical and statistical knowledge of business, existing IT technology want to move the advanced career to enroll our big data course in chennai to enhance their skills through big data training course. Students who is coming background from mathematics, economics, computer science and statistics have a great opportunity to qualify a successful big data scientist. The IT professional DBMS with knowledge of handling enterprise data can forward their career growth in big data course in chennai to play a key role in big data projects.

Benefits of Big Data Course in Chennai

Getting a valuable big data certification course, fresher’s or experienced professionals to get a lot of opportunities to place in the big data industry.

There is demand for qualified big data analyst in the industry. The report was released by one of the famous American consulting firm, the requirement with deep analytical skills and expertise professional increases in the upcoming years.

Securing big data certification course is the best way of expose your skills in the industry.

A Certification in Big Data recognise you a professional in the domain expertise with dissimilar one.

Big data course in chennai offered by zero2infynite provides world class training to our students with hands-on experience from industry experts. It will lead to a successful career journey in big data analytics.

Module 1:

Introduction of big data

Introduction of Hadoop

Hadoop Culture Setup

Hadoop Architecture

Module 2:

Hadoop Deployment

Introduction of Map Reduce

HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System

Advance Map Reduce Programming

Module 3:

Apache PIG



Module 4:

Zookeeper, sqoop, and flume

Commercial distribution of Hadoop

Hadoop Administration, Troubleshooting, security