Course Syllabus For Hibernate

  1. What is Hibernate – Hibernate Introduction
  2. Mapping And Configuration Files In Hibernate
  3. Main Advantage And Disadvantages Of Hibernates
  4. Example On Hibernate Select Query
  5. Example On Hibernate Delete Query
  6. Example On Hibernate Update Query
  7. Hibernate Versioning Example, Hibernate Versioning Of Objects
  8. Importance Of Wrapper And Primitive Types In Hibernate
  9. Hibernate Lifecycle Of pojo Class Objects
  10. Hibernate Converting Object From Detached to Persistent state
  11. Inheritance Mapping In Hibernate – Introduction
  12. Hibernate Inheritance: Table Per Class Hierarchy
  13. Hibernate Inheritance: Table Per subClass Hierarchy
  14. Hibernate Inheritance: Table Per Concrete Class Hierarchy
  15. Example On Composite Primary Keys In Hibernate
  16. Composite Primary Key In Hibernate With Select Query
  17. Generators In Hibernate
  18. Hibernate Query Language
  19. Criteria Query, Hibernate Criteria Query Introduction
  20. Hibernate Native SQL Query Example
  21. Hibernate Named Query
  22. Hibernate Mapping
  23. Joins In Hibernate
  24. Hibernate Caching Mechanism, Hibernate Cache
  25. Hibernate Annotations