High Level QTP Training Syllabus

  1. Fundamentals of automation testing and Quick test professionals process
  2. Basics of Quick test professionals screen, Recording & other key elements in QTP
  3. Fundamentals of Object Repository
  4. How to identify object configuration
  5. Explanation of descriptive programming
  6. What is check points and explanation about output values
  7. What is parameterization and synchronization
  8. What are actions and environment variables
  9. What is transaction points and how to add comments
  10. Fundamentals of debugging and batch testing
  11. Brief explanation about quality center
  12. Different types of operators and constants
  13. Getting familiar with VBScript
  14. Flow control using conditional statements
  15. Flow control using loop
  16. Fundamentals of user defined functions
  17. What is built in functions
  18. Library files & loading library functions
  19. Excel object model
  20. What is data base object model
  21. Database connections
  22. Error handling in QTP
  23. How to use web script
  24. Getting familiar with Frameworks
  25. Various keyword driven approach & framework
  26. Data driven framework in QTP
  27. Hybrid framework in QTP
  28. OOPs in QTP