VMware Training In Chennai Course Syllabus

Introduction to Virtualization

Understanding Datacenter Infrastructure

Installation of ESXi Server

Virtual Machine Concepts

Virtual Machine Creation & Management

Configuring and Managing Storage

Configuring Storage

VMFS Datastores


Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks

Configuring Standard Virtual Switch Policies

Install & configure vCenter Server

VM Migration

VMware Clusters High Availability

Fault Tolerance

Host Scalability (DRS Cluster)

Patch Management

Data Protection

Veeam Backup

Access and Authentication Control

Resource Management and Monitoring

Scheduled Tasks, Events & Alarms

vSphere Web Client

VMware vShield Endpoint

Advanced Topics:Distributed Switch

VMware vCenter Standalone Converter

Up-gradation of Server

Managing vSphere Using command line interface

Understanding ESXi Server Architecture

Troubleshooting Virtual Interface